Rookie Card 5 Year Anniversary

I was in the pop punk band The Silver Heart Club from 2007 – 2014. Eau Claire may finally be getting recognized for its art and music now, but even in 2007 its music scene was a source of
community and inspiration that I will be forever thankful for.
We had our musical start at Molten’s Skate America, opening for bands like Sing It Loud, Write This Down, More Amore, Kyle & Savannah, Melby Street Convicts, Survive the Drive, and many others. It was during a time when MySpace was king and affordable home recording studios were just starting to pop up. We were free to make mistakes and grow along side some truly exceptional songwriters and performers. I learned a lot about fighting the good fight and what it feels like to make honest, intentional connections with a room full of strangers.
Today marks the 5 year anniversary of Rookie Card, my former bands first and only full-length album. To celebrate, I decided to dig up some abandoned footage and release a new music video for our song Four Minute Mile. To me, the song is a diluted daydream about life from the perspective of time. A silent observer that keeps infinite watch of the finite.To keep things light, the music video is a comedic nod to olympic runner Steve Prefontaine. It is a playful fantasy that explores a four minute foot race between rival runners and their quest to have the smoothest legs.
Thank you to everyone who ever came to a show, bought merch, or streamed us on Spotify.
And thanks to the all the bands that let us borrow gear or invited us to grab food and chat about music.


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