Artist Spotlight: Wolf Hut- Forest Floors

In the Summer of 2013 an idea was born.

Starting in a bedroom studio the first weeks of summer break, there was music being made. Zeke Erickson had a show booked, but he no longer had a band to play with him. ”I was ready to play the show by myself with backing tracks and my synth” said Zeke. Although, this was far from what the show would turn out to be. Soon after recording just a few songs, the music was leaked to a few local musicians and a band was quickly formed. One day before the scheduled show, they had their very first practice, accompanied by his friends (and now bandmates) Collin Johnson, Joshua Garcia, and Jake Dixon.

Zeke is currently attending the Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists High School in Saint Paul, Minnesota. On August 4th, Wolf Hut’s debut single “Forest Floors” was released. The director Nico Lonetree knows you can’t have a proper indie music video without sparklers and facepaint. I enjoy this song a lot. It’s fun, simple and it feels real.

Wolf Hut’s future includes, “Something the music industry has never seen before; a new sort of art form.” Zeke couldn’t tell me much without giving away what his ground-breaking plans are. He ended the conversation with, “I promise, it will get people talking.” I will be looking forward to what’s in store.